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Safety operation rules of injection molding machine


Injection molding machine is a kind of high pressure, fast action, at the same time a high temperature operation of a machine, often make the operator temporarily negligent, under the carelessness caused irreparable personal injury, and regret for life. Injection molding machines are dangerous in every operation, especially when mold opening and locking.

In order to avoid the occurrence of danger, the operator must pay attention to the following safety operation problems:

1. Keep the injection molding machine and its surrounding environment clean.

2. The space around the injection molding machine should be kept unobstructed as far as possible. After adding lubricating oil or pressure oil, the leaking oil should be wiped away as soon as possible.

3. After cleaning the sundries (such as rubber particles) on the melt tube, the electric heating can be turned on to avoid fire. If it is not necessary to repair the machine, do not remove the heat shield on the melt rubber cylinder.

4. Check whether the die locking can be terminated by pressing the emergency button or opening the safety door during operation.

5. When the shooting platform moves forward, do not remove the molten glue from the shooting nozzle by hand, so as not to clamp the hand between the shooting platform and the mold.

6. When cleaning the cylinder, the temperature of the nozzle should be adjusted to the most appropriate high temperature to keep the nozzle unblocked, and then use a lower pressure and speed to remove the remaining glue in the cylinder. Do not directly contact the newly injected glue with your hand during cleaning, so as to avoid being scalded.

7. Avoid leaving heat-sensitive and corrosive plastics in the barrel for too long, and comply with the shutdown and cleaning methods provided by the plastic supplier. When replacing the plastic, ensure that the mixture of the old and new plastic will not produce chemical reactions (for example, POM and PVC mixed and heated will produce poison gas), otherwise it is necessary to use other plastics to remove the old material in the cylinder.

8. Before operating the injection molding machine, it is necessary to check whether the mold is firmly installed on the moving template and head plate of the injection molding machine.

9. Pay attention to whether the ground wire and other wiring of the injection molding machine are properly connected.

10, do not cancel the safety door or safety door switch in order to improve the production speed.

11. When installing the mold, the ring must be completely screwed into the mold hanging hole before lifting. After the mold is installed, the length of the safety bar of the injection molding machine should be adjusted according to the size of the mold, so that when the safety door is opened, the machine safety block (mechanical lock) falling can prevent the injection molding machine from locking the mold.

12, in the normal injection production process, the operator is prohibited to open the safety door, by the injection molding machine above or below to take out the injection parts. The oil pump motor of the injection molding machine should be turned off in time when the mold is repaired or production is temporarily suspended.

13, the operation of injection molding machine, can be operated by one person, not allowed to operate more than one person. Do not allow one person to operate the control panel while the other person adjusts the mold or performs other operations.